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Welcome To Mystical Evenings … A Glamorous World of Dresses!

Have you found the right dress yet for your mystical evening?
We know that endless hassle shopping for the right dress that makes every Egyptian woman restless to attend her special occasion; the result is hours of dress-hunting that either ends up too small, too big, or just settling for a poor replica for an ordinary dress. We are fully aware of what Egyptian women are looking for in the fashion of evening dresses.

Evening Dresses

Our store offers hand-picked trendy Haute Couture dresses which serve the Mediterranean woman with the top fashionable elegance to look glamorous on her special occasions. Every season on a weekly basis, a new collection arrives in our stores covering a wide range of prom dresses, cocktail dresses, occasional gowns and soiree dresses in various colors and unique styles.

Since December 1997

Since December 1997, Mystical Evenings store has brought women in Egypt, fashion that stands out without any shopping nightmares in Heliopolis, Cairo. The store has opened in Korba which has become easy to reach in the central heart of the city of Cairo, a place that expresses the architecture legacy of beauty and modern art. Later on, we opened another store in City Stars, which is a huge shopping center in the Middle East.

An Elegant Shopping Experience

We believe that every Egyptian woman must not be, act, or look like nothing but herself. She should be daring gorgeous while set no boundaries in making that decision of buying her perfectly fit dress for her evenings. Thus, our store collection offers a superb customer service because it adds an extra fashionable taste showcasing unique dresses and not replicas, in consideration of the Arabic and Mediterranean Egyptian feminine lines and cuts. We want every woman to feel very satisfied with herself and her own body, no matter how much she weighs, she can wear any color or style that will expose her true beauty.